Grief Harvest

by Grief Harvest

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released September 1, 2016

Ben Voitl - Vocals, glockenspiel on "Inquietude"
Jordan Tacuboy - Guitar, backing vocals on "Inquietude"
Tyler Cieck - Drums, bass, backing vocals on "To Leave Without Warning," "Castaway," "Rituals," and "Inquietude"

Album art by Ben Voitl

Recorded from June 13th to July 27th.
Recorded and mixed by Zack Farrar.
Mastered by Will Killingsworth.



all rights reserved


Grief Harvest Illinois

Ben - Vocals
Jordan - Guitar
Tyler - Drums

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Track Name: To Leave Without Warning
This creation needs erasing
This sketch isn’t beautiful anymore
Wipe the fear from these walls and let me start over

I apologize if I don’t remember you in the morning
You in the morning

Stuck in wanderlust, I’m searching for a deeper connection
I need a bond stronger than these nerves connecting my heart and brain

A telegraph between the two, telling me that I’m worth it
That I matter to someone at least

Just tell me I’m worth it
Just tell me I’m worth it

Lingering in the past leaves me with cold feet
I need a balance between myself
That isn’t self-medication
Or compulsively saying, “It will all be ok”

If I stay fucked for much longer,
There won’t be much left for me in the long run

I’m scared for myself

Time to grow into my home
Until I am stable and sane
Time to grow into my home
Until I am stable and sane
Track Name: Space Suit
Lightspeed straggler, unfit for take-off

I left my space suit at home
I left my space suit at home

I’m lifting off into another dimension
Where my flight is turning out to be an unreturned trip
To the earth I once knew

It’s hard to reach for the stars
When your feet are stuck in the sand
Track Name: Specter
You’ve become a recluse, a ghost
And I can’t feel your presence

You seem to no longer be anything to me
But how I wish to feel your warmth

I wish I could feel your warmth,
You’ve secluded yourself with so much silence

You’ve secluded yourself with so much silence

You’re a snowman in the summer
You’re the portrait of your father
And I pray I’m not the same
And I pray I’m not the same
I pray
Track Name: Reflection Like Self-Immolation
Ghost-eyed and limp, I hover on by
Blank in the face, but a crime scene in my mind

Misleading conscious to block out the good

Wipe me free of who I was never meant to be
I’ll do what it takes to get a taste of closure
Make amends with the wicked
Forever be healed

I couldn’t fall asleep, and you asked me why
Cuz I’m striving to find what it means to be alive
Track Name: Castaway
It squeezes me
Locking my limbs at my sides
Rendering me vegetative

Shoulders hunched and head dangled, like wind chimes in the summer
Flowing with every breath of the wind

Weighed down by anxieties embrace,
But my feet still coincide with these waters
That try to break me at the ankles,
But I continue to stand

These waves crash down,
But I’m along for the ride
Along for the ride

Weighed down, with a suit made of lead

Weighed down, weighed down

I carry it fully, but it’s caving in my head

Weighed down, weighed down
Track Name: Rituals
If I failed you, I’m sorry
But I am no longer your anchor
To fall back on

Your ship has been wrecked,
And you’re the last survivor
Afraid and weak

Collecting warmth
And learning to live
But motionless in thought

Motionless in thought

Collecting warmth
And learning to live
But motionless in thought
You’ve given up
Track Name: Six feet under, in the center of your room.
I’m not awake
I’m not alive

Gathered bodies
Scattered lies

Let me rest
Let me sleep

I’m just empty
No longer weak

Burn me dry
Please don’t cry
Laid to rest
Laid to rest
Track Name: Inquietude
We tremor in synchronization
We suffer in silence
But in a sense, I know you best of all

We are the same in the sense that we are being consumed,
And when we know we are unworthy

These breaths grow longer apart but closer to each other
This bloodline needs to heal

Absorbed by your phantoms
They feel your decline, your lack of life

Your fear is masked
The presence of man



But not to me


But not to me
Blinded, but not to me

I feel your decline
Your lack of life
I feel your decline
You can’t feel anymore